Family Dental Fears

Stafford VA Dental Treatment with Nitrous OxideDoes everyone in your family have some level of dental fear? Is this coincidental or a result of something else? At Garrisonville Dental, we think it’s not coincidental when most or all members of a family suffer from dental anxiety. Often times, if the parent or parents have dental fears, the children latch onto these fears and continue the cycle of dental fear that is running through your family.

Our dentists at Garrisonville Dental want every member of your family to have a peaceful and anxiety-free dental appointment. We offer amenities and an environment of fun. As soon as your child enters the door they are greeted by our warm staff and able to play in our kids’ play area before and after treatment.

If you feel that your dental anxiety is holding you and other family members from getting the dental care and treatment that everyone needs, it may be time to discuss our sedation dentistry options. We offer both oral conscious sedation and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). After discussing your level of anxiety, we can determine which sedation option is best for you.

For your children, it’s important to establish early, positive dental interactions to build a solid foundation for future visits. We recommend that your child has their first dental appointment right after they get their first tooth and before their first birthday. This early dental appointment not only establishes a good relationship, but it also ensures you are properly caring for your baby’s teeth.

Book your entire family’s appointment today. Our entire staff at Garrison Dental will do everything we can to ensure that each member of your family has an anxiety-free dental appointment.

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