Encouraging Your Little One To Perform Proper Dental Care

Stafford VA Pediatric DentistGarrisonville Dental proudly offers Children’s Dentistry to our patients in Stafford, Concord, Fredericksburg, Leeland, Quantico and the surrounding communities. We care for each member of your family with the age appropriate treatments available and necessary at each season of life. Our ability to treat each member of your family is a strength that we are proud of.

Dr. Misto, Dr. Han and Dr. Johnson would like to remind you that teaching your little ones proper dental care and habits is important to ensure optimal dental health for years to come. In order to help your little one perform the daily brushing (two times a day) and flossing (one time every day) routines it takes time and patience.

While in the process of instructing your child in flossing and brushing techniques remember to:

  1. Always model proper dental habits, so your child can learn from you. They will see that it is a priority for you, and want to mimic it.
  2. Provide the environment, supplies and encouragement necessary for them to have success.
  3. Don’t forget that your child needs you present and active in the beginning. Learning takes time, practice and lots of instruction. Don’t think that once you’ve taught your child, they should be able to perform the dental care immediately.
  4. Flossing requires a great deal of fine motor skills. The fine motor muscles in your child’s hands take time to develop and strengthen. Here is an article that gives many practical ways to help in this area. You can also purchase flossers designed for children.
  5. Make everything accessible for your child. Put a stool in front of the sink. Make sure your child can reach the floss and toothbrush. Put a towel on the counter so they can wipe their cute little face afterward.

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