Children’s Dentistry Stafford, VA

From the time your child receives their first tooth as an infant, they need professional dental care to maintain their oral health. At Garrisonville Dental, we enjoy the opportunity to care for our younger patients’ smiles at our office in Stafford. We offer special care for children, taking the time to make them feel comfortable and at ease when they come in for their checkups and cleanings. It is our privilege to care for your child’s beautiful smile.

Protecting your child’s oral health starts with good oral hygiene from an early age. It is recommended that your child has their first dental appointment right after they get their first tooth and before their first birthday. Even though “baby” or primary teeth are not permanent, it is vital that they are in good health. Decay or premature loss of primary teeth can affect your child’s permanent teeth. Excellent dental care throughout these early years can help prevent issues that may require orthodontics and other treatments later in life.

We Love Your Kids!

Our little patients make our day when they walk through our doors. Our team loves working with kids and showing them the benefits of caring for their smile. We have a fun children’s play area for your kids to enjoy before and after their visit. We also have family block appointments, so your whole family can receive their dental treatments in one visit.

We know how important it is to make sure your child is relaxed and comfortable during their visits to our office. Dental anxiety in adults is often caused by poor experiences as a child when visiting the dentist. Our team takes the time to get to know our small patients and alleviate their fears, so they will grow up without any fear of getting the dental treatments they need for a healthy smile.

Kids, teens and adults are all welcome at Garrisonville Dental. Join our dental family for all your oral health needs.