Will You Be Wearing White After Labor Day?

Stafford VA Cosmetic Dental TreatmentsThe big question that everyone poses after Labor Day usually includes whether to wear white after Labor Day, or not. Is this conundrum an issue for you? Are you held hostage to the moratorium on white after that first Monday in September? Or, are you a little more relaxed about the “rule” that no one really knows where it came from?

Will your teeth be white after Labor Day? Take a second to look in the mirror before you answer that question. If your answer to that question is, “no” then let’s ask why. Your teeth may be yellowish, grayish or just plain dull. This could be due to many different factors. Age, habits and diet are just a few factors that can cause your tooth discoloration.

At Garrisonville Dental, we offer professional teeth whitening so you can wear your white all year long! You can choose our professional bleaching method knowing that it is safe and effective. We offer you customized whitening trays that will fit into your teeth perfectly. Our professional bleaching gel will whiten your teeth after using it just a few days in your home. The trays can be reused for many years, so you can maintain the level of white you enjoy.

Our dental professionals at Garrisonville Dental are here to provide you with safe and effective cosmetic dentistry options. Our desire is for you to achieve optimal dental health while enjoying a great deal of smile satisfaction at the same time.

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