Festive Fall Feasting For Dental Health

Stafford VA Pediatric DentistFall is such a fun time to celebrate. Halloween involves the costumes, neighborhood parties and tricking and treating. These are all part of the festive events of that holiday. The joy and happiness wrapped with the cooler temperatures and changing colors of the landscape make it a glorious time of year here in Virginia!

All of these opportunities to celebrate fall involve some level of feasting. And with the feasting, there are opportunities for parents to say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ During fall (in particular Halloween) there seems to be so many more opportunities to say ‘no’ than ‘go ahead.’ Do you ever feel like the Queen of No during this time of year?

At Garrisonville Dental, we want to help you get through this season of festivities with opportunities to say ‘yes’ to your little ones and promote dental health at the same time.

Say ‘yes’ to:

  1. A limited number of sweets. Make a limit to the number of candies and treats your child can have. Maybe you determine in advance that they can keep their top ten pieces of candy from their Halloween loot. It will be fun for them to choose which ones to pick. This empowers them to choose, and it relieves you from the constant begging for candy and you having to respond with a ‘no.’
  2. Dark Chocolate- Dark chocolate has some valuable health benefits. It has moderate amounts of sugar and is packed with antioxidants. It can improve blood flow and even lower blood pressure. It can lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and improve brain function.
  3. Treats that come from nature not a factory- If a treat has been grown in the ground or on a tree, most likely you can say ‘yes’ to it. Fill your house with natural and whole goodness this fall. Feast of fall’s bounty of roasted pumpkin seeds, apples (for bobbing), and cheeses of all sorts.

Call and book your children’s dentistry appointment with us at Garrisonville Dental today. We look forward to seeing you this fall.

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