Tooth Pain Relief Stafford, VA

A toothache can be excruciating. Whether you have decay, infection putting pressure on a nerve or a broken tooth, you do not need to live with tooth pain. Our team at Garrisonville Dental can help determine what is causing your tooth pain and offer a dental treatment solution. Stop enduring your toothache, and give our office in Stafford a call.

When the nerves in the tooth canal are under pressure from inflammation or they are exposed due to a crack in the tooth, you can feel pain. Decay can also cause pain if it enters the inner canals or pulp. Whatever the cause, dental treatments are available to relieve your tooth pain. Removing decay, root canals and damaged tooth repairs can stop the pain and protect the health of your tooth.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Another common pain issue that we can help relieve is in the jaw. Clenching your jaw due to stress or grinding your teeth while you sleep can put stress on your jaw joint and muscles. Temporomandibular joint disorders can also cause jaw pain. Orthodontic issues can also affect the jaw and result in discomfort.

At Garrisonville Dental, we can get to the bottom of your jaw pain and find a treatment option for relief. Wearing a nightguard or getting orthodontic treatment are possible solutions to relieve your jaw pain. Our dental team can examine your jaw, determine the cause of your pain and offer an effective treatment option.

If you have tooth or jaw pain, contact us for an emergency or urgent dental care appointment. We can find the source of your pain and offer treatment for relief. We have same day appointments available and extended hours. Call us first when you have oral pain. We accept many insurance plans and have payment options available.