Root Canal Therapy Stafford, VA

Deep infections and disease in a tooth can be painful. If not treated with general dentistry, the tooth can be in jeopardy of needing extraction. Root canal therapy can remove the infected or diseased portion of the tooth, stopping the pain and saving the tooth. At Garrisonville Dental, we offer gentle root canal therapy using the most advanced technology to give you relief from an infected tooth.

Root canal therapy is used to clear out infection from the inner canal of the diseased tooth. When decay or infection reaches the inner pulp of the tooth, it can abscess or cause inflammation. This puts pressure on the nerves, causing pain and discomfort. During a root canal, the top portion of the tooth is removed to allow access into the canal. The diseased material is removed, and the canal is disinfected. Our dentist will repack the tooth with sterilized material and seal the tooth. A dental crown is usually used to protect the weakened tooth after a root canal.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Root canal therapy can stop the pain of an infected tooth. Many people think root canals are painful, but they are actually the cure to infected tooth pain. When the infected nerve roots are removed, so is the source of the pain. We use rotary endodontics in our root canal procedures that allow our dentists to perform the procedure quicker and with less discomfort for our patients.

If you have severe tooth pain, you may have an infection, abscess or decay that is pressing on the nerves in your tooth. To get relief, call our office in Stafford to schedule an urgent care appointment. Our experienced team will examine your tooth and determine whether you need a root canal or other treatment to stop the pain. Contact Garrisonville Dental today to schedule your appointment.