Oral Cancer Screening Stafford, VA

When it comes to cancer, early detection and treatment is the best option for fighting this disease. Oral cancer is the same. There are often early signs of mouth or throat cancers that can be detected if a screening is performed. As part of our general dentistry treatments at Garrisonville Dental, we offer oral cancer screenings for our patients as part of our commitment to protecting our patients’ health.

There are different types of oral cancers, and some are more aggressive than others. Oral cancer screening involves looking for the early signs of these cancers. Often a small lesion or sore in the mouth that doesn’t heal can be a sign of cancer. Other symptoms include red or white spots, pain or discomfort on the tissues in the mouth or throat. There may also be lumps in the mouth or throat. In some cases, teeth may become misaligned, and it could also be difficult to chew or speak.

Identify Mouth Cancer Early

During your regular checkup and exam, we can perform an oral cancer screening. There is no pain involved, and it only takes a few minutes. The dentist will visually inspect your mouth and gum tissue for any abnormalities that could be signs of oral cancer. The dentist may also feel the outside of your neck and jaw to check for any abnormalities.

If there are any signs of possible oral or throat cancer, you will be referred to a physician to have further tests performed. In some cases, the abnormalities are not cancerous, but it is better to weigh in on the side of caution. Detecting oral cancers early so you can begin treatment right away is your best hope for overcoming this deadly disease.

Contact Garrisonville Dental today to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and next time you come in, make sure to ask about our oral cancer screening. It is just one of the many services we offer to protect your health and smile.