Dental Bridges Stafford, VA

Missing teeth can change the appearance and health of your smile. You may not be able to eat or speak the same as before. Other teeth can shift, and you may feel embarrassed to show your teeth in social situations. Dental bridges are a cosmetic dental treatment that can close the windows created by missing teeth, giving you back full function and a beautiful smile. Garrisonville Dental offers dental bridge design and placement to restore your smile.

A dental bridge uses your existing teeth to provide structure and stability to replace missing teeth. Most commonly, bridgework is attached to the teeth on either side of your missing tooth. An abutment is added to these teeth. This is a combination of metals and porcelain to create the “bridge” that will span between your existing teeth to hold a new artificial tooth in place, a pontic. Your dental bridge will consist of dental crowns added to the two teeth, metal bridgework and the pontic, creating a strong, beautiful replacement for your missing tooth.

Replace Missing Teeth

When you lose even one tooth, changes begin to occur. Not only does your smile look different if the tooth is visible, the structure in your mouth changes. Other teeth can shift into the open area, causing them to become crooked or misaligned. Your teeth can become crooked, making it more difficult to maintain your oral hygiene. Adding a dental bridge can add support to your oral structure, helping you maintain a healthier smile that also looks great.

A dental bridge takes at least two appointments for our office to install. However, we can place a temporary bridge to close the gap in your smile while our dental lab creates your permanent dental bridge. Contact Garrisonville Dental today to learn more about dental bridges to restore your smile. We also offer dental implants and other options to replace missing teeth.