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Dentist Stafford VA - Oral Care Tips_Garrisonville Dental 3 v2

Garrisonville Dental is pleased to provide you and your family with our wide range of professional dental services options. We are confident that you will enjoy every moment of your oral care experience in our comfortable and relaxing office. Our team of dedicated dental practitioners is dedicated to maintaining and improving our patients’ smiles with our cosmetic and orthodontic dental services. We welcome you to experience all that our dental practice has to offer at our Stafford, Virginia office.

Our dental practice serves Virginia residents living in Stafford, Concord, Fredericksburg, Leeland, and Quantico, VA, as well as in the surrounding Virginia areas. Garrisonville Dental, which is led by Drs. Misto, Sung Han, and Johnson, makes it easy for our many patients to obtain the most convenient oral care possible. Our practice offers patients with extended hours and highly flexible scheduling options, which allows us to work around your life and provide only the highest quality dental care services. As part of our dedication to our patients’ well-being and consistently excellent oral hygiene, the Garrisonville Dental team has put together several oral care tips we believe will benefit you and your smile for a lifetime.

Oral Care Tips You Need to Know
To say that your oral health is important would be a large understatement. As an adult, you will not get any second chances on your dental hygiene and smile. Learning how to take proper care of your teeth will ensure that you can preserve your smile for a lifetime. Take a few minutes to read through the following oral care tips, and learn how to keep your entire mouth protected in between your regular visits to the dentist.

Don’t Ignore Acid Reflux
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and acid reflux cause acid to rise from the stomach and into the throat. Some of this harmful stomach acid ends up in the mouth, which has the potential to cause considerable damage to teeth over time. If you suffer from these conditions, don’t leave them alone to get worse. Developing a treatment plan for GERD and acid reflux with your dental professional can help you prevent future dental problems.

Treat Bruxism Early
Bruxism is a condition that involves excessive jaw clenching or teeth grinding, which begins to cause dental issues and damage. Up to 31% of the general population suffers from bruxism. The condition causes damage to the chewing surfaces of your teeth, and can be particularly damaging to existing fillings and crowns. Special dental guards can be fitted to prevent problems related to bruxism and help prevent future complications related to the condition.

Avoid Over the Counter Whitening Products
Only your dentist can provide you with safe whitening procedures that best suit your oral care needs. Unbranded and even over-the-counter products from pharmacies can cause damage to your teeth and oral health. These whitening products are often unregulated and can expose your teeth to harsh and dangerous chemicals in large enough concentrations. This can cause your teeth to discolor with time, and brushing is not always enough to restore whiteness and shine to your smile. Be sure to consult your dentist, as they can help you find a safe whitening option that best suits your oral care needs.

Use Your Teeth for Eating
Your teeth grew to be powerful chewing tools, but they’re only designed for food. Using your teeth to open sachets, bottles, and containers could cause damage to an otherwise healthy smile. By extension, you should also avoid putting anything in your mouth that could harm your teeth. Children sometimes develop habits of chewing pens and pencils. If you spot this behavior, address it early on to remove risk of painful, costly dental injuries.

Get Advice for Sensitive Teeth
Sensitive teeth can be related to weakening tooth enamel. As nerve ends become exposed, oral pain can set in. It is best to avoid acidic foods and drinks if you suffer from sensitive teeth. Sodas, alcohol, sugar, and candy can all cause moderate to severe dental pain. Hot or cold foods and drinks can also lead to pain in sensitive teeth. Speak with your dentist about treatment options and the best toothpaste/toothbrush for tooth sensitivity.

Know That Dental Hygiene is Important
Problems in your mouth can lead to serious dental complications. Gum disease and other
periodontal conditions have been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and even blood infections. Because your dental health can affect your overall well-being, it is critical to always take the best possible care of your teeth, and make every effort to avoid cavities and gum problems.

Schedule Your Visit With Garrisonville Dental
Whether it is remembering to floss your teeth or cutting out risky behaviors or poor food choices, you can reduce the likelihood of cavities and other dental problems with just a bit of effort. The team at Garrisonville Dental believes that keeping these oral care tips in mind will help give you the best possible smile. Contact our Stafford, VA office today to schedule your first checkup and cleaning with our friendly, professional dental team.