Have A “Six Month Smile” Success Story in Stafford, VA

Everyone dreams to have a beautiful, picture-perfect smile. It is not only that a good smile is attractive but also smiling brings a lot of impact on our well-being. Nowadays, it is not unattainable to own a smile like your favorite celebrities red-carpet worthy smiles. Advancement in the field of dentistry makes it possible.

The treatment Six Month Smile let patients achieve straighter and more aligned teeth for a healthy looking smile in as short as six months. Six Month Smile uses clear braces that are barely visible thus making people perceive that the patient is not wearing braces at all. With Six Month Smile treatment, discomfort is less likely to be experienced by patients because it uses low force to move the teeth gently. In addition, the primary focus of this treatment is to fix only the teeth that are profoundly shown when smiling, making the procedure shorter compared to other orthodontic braces treatment.

Our local dentists in stafford, va at Garrisonville Dental provide a Six Month Smile Treatment for patients who want to achieve a perfect smile in as fast as six months.

Perfect Smile

A lot of people, mostly adults, are investing in a Six Month Smile today and are now embracing their new smile. However, your Six Month Smile journey will not just end after your six-month short treatment. To have a successful Six Month Smile story, there were aftercare and maintenance that you must carefully follow.

  • Always maintain proper oral hygiene. Even though you now have a new pair of straightened and aligned teeth, it is best to not take it for granted. As much as possible, always bring with you your travel-friendly brushing kit and flosses so you can still take care of your teeth whether you are out for lunch or in your office.
  • Wearing retainers after your Six-Month Smile Treatment is a must. Retainers are recommended by the dentist to avoid the teeth from going back to its original form. Failure to wear your retainers might cause you to spend another amount of money to repeat the whole process.
  • Have a mindful diet. Your diet might not only adjust during the six months of the treatment but also during after the procedure. Eating the right food may avoid your teeth from getting irregularities. Make sure to avoid food and drinks that stains to maintain healthy white teeth.

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