COVID-19 and Safety Information

To our Wonderful Patients,

What a whirlwind the last 2 months have been! It has been a stressful and scary time filled with uncertainty and unknown for what the future may hold.  While we are excited to get back to the office (we miss our patients!), we’ve spent the past several weeks reading, learning, and studying how we can best serve our patients as safely as possible during this time. As a dental office, we already have very robust infection control protocols in place meant to combat a myriad of infectious diseases, but given the nature of COVID-19, we’ve implemented several additions to these protocols to better protect ourselves and our patients.

  1. The first addition will be 5 ADA-70 Air disinfecting purifiers. These air disinfectors utilize a proven technology commonly used in hospital HVAC systems. Each unit covers 2000 sq. ft. per unit.
  2. We have purchased extra high-volume suction equipment for our hygienist to minimize aerosols created during cleaning appointments (the treatment rooms already have this!).
  3. We will continuously disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as doors, countertops, clipboard, etc.
  4. We will screen patients when they present to their appointment. We will take temperatures on everyone upon arrival and ask patients to sign a waiver confirming that they are symptom free.
  5. Upon Arrival of your appointment, we ask that the patient have our covid19 forms filled out prior to coming into the office, these can be found on our website at under covid19 info.
  • 1st form patient screening and questionnaire notice and
  • 2nd form Covid 19 consent.

Come in the office to the front desk to check in and have your temperature taken and hand in the covid19 forms.  At that time, you can either have a seat in the waiting room with your mask on, or if you are not comfortable sitting the waiting area we can assign you a pager to be able to sit out in your car and wait to be called in.  There will be a max of 10  people allowed in the waiting room area at a time.

  1. We ask that patients avoid bringing friends and family with them to their appointments as they will be asked to stay outside or in the car. Exceptions will be made for those with special needs, and those attending the appointment with them will also be required to go through the screening process.
  1. Patients will be asked to wear a mask or cloth face covering to their appointment, and we will have hand sanitizer available for use upon arrival. Mask’s will NOT be provided!
  2. Patients may be asked to use a pre-treatment rinse prior to any aerosol generating procedure. This has been shown to be effective at killing bacteria and viruses for a short time, so even if a patient does happen to be a silent carrier of the virus, this may significantly decrease the viral load in their mouth and the environment!
  3. All team members will be screened daily with temperatures taken and asked to stay home if they are not feeling well.
  4. Our team will wear additional personal protective equipment to keep our patients and team members safe. Our team will continue to train on the latest practices for minimizing transmission of the virus.
  5. Our office will now charge a $10 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) fee. Payment is expected at the time of service. At this time most insurance companies are not covering this fee however we will be submitting to your insurance company. Items covered by this fee N95 mask, Face shield, gowns, HVAC air filtration, Aerosol reduction, patient screening.

During this time things may seem different in the dental office just as they are in our regular lives, protective protocols will continue to evolve as the world learns more about this virus and how to keep everyone safe. Rest assured that we will stay up to date with all new developments and will implement all recommended protocols designed to keep you and our team safe while here in the office.

We will remain available by phone as we have been throughout this time for emergencies, scheduling/rescheduling appointments. Please try to be patient with us as we are running on limited staff and taking care of our patients. We truly appreciate your trust and loyalty and look forward to continuing high quality care we love to provide to you and your family. We were very excited to see everyone back at our office!

Best wishes. Stay Safe.

Garrisonville Dental Team

COVID Office hours:

Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm

Friday 8am – 1pm

Currently we will not be open after 5pm or on Saturdays. Sorry for the inconvenience.