4Clear Ortho Clear Braces

At Garrisonville Dental, we care about the health of our patients, especially when it comes to their smile. Crooked, gapped and misaligned teeth can cause many dental and oral health problems; plus, these orthodontic issues can impact the beauty of a person’s smile. To help our patients get a healthier, more attractive smile with orthodontics, we offer 4Clear Ortho, the clear way to get a straight smile.

Metal braces have been used for many years to straighten and align teeth. However, the appearance of metal brackets and wires on the teeth for one to two years can be more than many adults want to withstand. With 4Clear Ortho braces, you have the option to straighten your smile without the need for metal on your teeth. Most people will not even know you are wearing braces due to their discreet design.

Straighten Crooked Teeth with 4Clear Ortho

4Clear Ortho comes in two options: clear braces and aligners. The braces are like traditional metal braces, but with clear brackets and camouflaged wires. These offer more comprehensive straightening for certain orthodontic maladies. The clear aligners are removable plastic trays that fit over your teeth. They apply pressure to the teeth to shift them into place without the need for wires or brackets. Aligners are comfortable, almost invisible and can be removed to eat or brush your teeth. Both options offer a more desirable treatment solution for those that want a straight smile but don’t want to wear metal on their teeth to get it.

If you have been wanting to improve the look and health of your smile due to crooked teeth, come see us at Garrisonville Dental. We offer 4Clear Ortho for our patients needing orthodontic treatment, the clear solution to a beautiful, healthy smile. Our office accepts many different insurance plans and we have flexible payment options. Contact us today to schedule your ortho consultation.